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Primarily a figurative artist, Robyn works in acrylics at her Hanover studio.  As a black woman raised in the suburbs of Boston and often being the only person of color growing up, Robyn knows the importance of representation and seeing one’s self in the images and people around you, hence her work depicting women of color as the main subjects of her paintings.  Robyn Studied visual art at Syracuse University earning a BFA in 2002.  She later went on to earn an MEd from Lesley University.  Combining her passion for art with her love of teaching, Robyn has been an art teacher in both private and public institutions.  Robyn was named the Museum of Fine Arts Emerging Artist Fellow for 2020.

Artist Statement

Magical realism, beauty, and love of color are central to my work.   I believe the world is brimming with beauty and magic, all things intricately entwined.  I have always been intrigued by magic and the natural world's mysteries.

In my work, I use thin layers of acrylic paint and alcohol to disrupt the surface of the canvas allowing what is underneath to be revealed. Drawing directly on the canvas with graphite allows the translucent layers to reveal the colors underneath.  I then chose areas to paint more opaque and solid. This hiding and revealing of color and blending of background and subject is a metaphor for the different parts of us we reveal and what we choose to keep guarded.  I strive to capture the profound connection and the inherent beauty within the world around us by painting floral motifs and arresting faces.  I also feature loose interpretations of landscapes with hidden incantations from African culture, such as the beautiful mornas of Cape Verde.


My art celebrates the intricate interplay between humanity and nature, seeking to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the magical elements that permeate our existence. By embracing themes of interconnectedness and mindfulness, my work invites a deeper exploration of our relationship with the Earth and with each other. Through my creative process, I aim to inspire viewers to reflect on their place within the natural world and to recognize the beauty and magic they carry within themselves.



1998 - 2002 BFA Syracuse University

2008 M.Ed. Lesley University


Grants & Awards 

2021 MassMOCA residency

2021 Arts and Business Council's Creative Entrepreneur Fellow

2020 MFA Boston Emerging Artist Fellow

2019 - Honorable Mention Gallery 160

2010 - Best in Show Quincy Art Fest

2007-2008 - John Hope Fellow

Exhibitions & Festivals

2024 Solo Show, Tenacre, Wellesley, MA

2023 Solo Show, Norwell Public Library, Norwell MA

2023 Solo Show Hingham Healing Collaborative, Hingham MA

2023 Group Show Gallery23 NYC

2022 Group Show 1369 Coffee House, Cambridge MA 

2022 Group Show Bebe Estate Gallery Melrose MA

2021-22 Solo Show Barrington Public Library RI

2021 Group show, Fountain Street Gallery, Boston MA

2021 Juried Show, Art Dash, Beacon Gallery, Boston MA

Juried Show, Arts in Bloom, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Hopkinton MA

2021 Solo Exhibition, Burnett Gallery, Amherst MA 

2020 Art in Bloom Juried Show, Hopkinton Center for the Arts

2020 Beacon Gallery - Art Dash

2020 Arts Equity Summit, Boston MA

2020 Solo Show, Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA

2019 Juried Show, Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Hopkinton, MA

2019 Quincy Arts Fest, Quincy, MA

2019 Gallery 160, Framingham, MA

2019 Group Show, Arts Affair at Marina Bay, Quincy, MA

2019 Group Show, Gallery X, New Bedford, MA

2017 Dorchester Open Studios, Boston, MA

2014 Juried Show, Focus on the Figure, North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA

2014 African American DAC Artists Exhibition, The Scollay Square Gallery, Boston City Hall

2013 Dorchester Open Studios, Boston, MA

2013 Juried Show, Focus on the Figure, North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA

2012 Group Show, Boston, MA

2012 Juried Show, Focus on the Figure, North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA

2012 Juried Show, Cohasset, MA

2011 Dorchester Open Studios, Boston, MA

2011 Group Show/Festival, Fall River, MA

2011 Juried Show, Plymouth, MA

2011 Festival/Demonstration, Plymouth, MA

2011 Juried Show, Quincy, MA Best in Show

2010 Juried Show, North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA

2010 Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA

2009 Member Gallery, Plymouth Guild for the Arts, Plymouth, MA

2009 Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA

2009 Juried Show, North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA

2009 Solo Exhibition, One Love Café, Worcester, MA

2007 M.Ed. Thesis Exhibition, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

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